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From the really interesting and useful posts on the Wilber-Price Facebook page to the advice that I receive from my agent, the association I have with Nationwide couldn't be any better. I have complete confidence that my coverage is appropriate and that if I should have a claim, that it will be handled quickly. I have been insured by others over the years...but Nationwide and the Wilber Price Agency has been the best.

I'd like to take a second to say how wonderful my insurance agency has been. I've made a lot of changes this past year and Wilber-Price Insurance has been more than helpful with everything and is always trying to pick the best options to suit my insurance needs and my billfold.

We have been with Nationwide for years. They are always willing to take a look at our policy and try to save us money whenever they can. Our house flooded and Nationwide was awesome! They helped us get back on our feet and get our house back together. We are very pleased with the Wilber Price Insurance Agencies! Special thanks to Kim and Renee too!

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