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I have been working with this agency for years now, they have consistently exceeded my expectations with customer service.

I was very happy with my experience with this agency. It’s getting harder to find true customer service from a business now a days but they really wanted to help with my insurance needs.

If you are looking for insurance, I highly recommend this agency. They are top notch professionals who will go the extra mile to make sure you get the coverage you need at a great price. I wouldn't trust anyone else to handle my insurance.

Gilly wrote the insurance policy for my business when it was time for me to renew. He was very thorough, patiently answered and all my questions and best of all saved me money every month compared to my previous insurer! Highly recommend him!

From the really interesting and useful posts on the Wilber-Price Facebook page to the advice that I receive from my agent, the association I have with Nationwide couldn't be any better. I have complete confidence that my coverage is appropriate and that if I should have a claim, that it will be handled quickly. I have been insured by others over the years...but Nationwide and the Wilber Price Agency has been the best.

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