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Medicare Prescription Drug Formularies
How much you pay for your medication will vary, even if you have Medicare Part D coverage. That’s because every pill has a different value and use. How insurance companies pay for different drugs will likewise differ. This likely comes from the way Medicare’s prescription formulary pays....

The Costs of Group Health Insurance
Businesses and employers across the country offer health insurance plans to their employees. Most often, these are group plans, with aspects and costs managed by both employer and employee. Employees often find these plans convenient for their needs through the fact that t they offer competitive medical care costs for entire families....

Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy
You only get one pair of eyes in your lifetime, so it’s in your best interest to take care of them. Taking steps to maintain eye health not only helps you see as clearly as possibly, but it can also reduce the risk of certain eye diseases (or at the very least, catch them in their early stages if they develop)....

How Does Your Oral Hygiene Effect Your Heart?
Though conclusive results have not yet been documented, studies conducted by cardiologists and periodontists have turned up evidence that strongly suggests a link between oral health and heart health. How is this possible? The most convincing piece of evidence lies in the fact that inflammation is a common issue in both gum and heart disease....

Accident Insurance and Emergency Situations
When accidents happen and you or a loved one needs emergency medical care, it’s essential to understand how your Medicare coverage works with emergency room and urgent care visits. Contact the agents at We Make Medicare Easy!...

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