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300 East Highland Mall Blvd Suite 208
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 454-5266
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Performance and Payment Surety Bonds 101
Surety bonds may seem like a big, scary topic, but really it’s as simple as a financial guarantee between three parties: the principal, the obligee and the surety. What role do these parties play? Principal: This is the contractor who obtains the bond in order to meet city, state or federal regulations....

Why Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?
Many business owners wonder why they need to purchase a separate professional liability insurance policy when they already carry commercial general liability insurance. While both of these policies protect a business from liability claims, the types of claims they provide coverage for are very different....

Community Involvement for November: Special Olympics Texas
November 8th and 9th at the Special Olympics Central Texas area Bowling Competition, Ed Weeren Insurance Agency made its way to Highland Lanes to lend a hand to the Area 13 bowlers.  Volunteers from the agency moderated the lanes, got to know the bowlers and even awarded the athletes with medals and ribbons....

Community Involvement for October: Mission Possible Austin
Kelli Stanford, President of Ed Weeren Insurance Agency, Inc.  Lead a team of ladies to Mission Possible where they prepared meals for Mission Possible to serve on Thursday night at their Big Fish Club weekly gathering.  The team prepared food for over 100 children....

Can Personal Auto Insurance Be Considered A Commodity?
When we think of a commodity we usually think of a tangible product, an item one may purchase at a retail store, such as at a hardware store or clothing store. Insurance is usually not thought of in the same category as the items referred to above, but there are some who are beginning to put personal auto insurance in that category....

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