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Does your wife know how much you have invested in firearms?
With firearms being a major topic in the media currently, it brings up the question of insurance coverages on your firearms? Did you know that the standard Homeowners Policy has limitations for firearms when it comes to the peril of theft? That limitation will range depending on your carrier, but most range between $1000-$2500 maximum coverage....

They aren't just livestock... they're our livelihood.
Pasture Cattle Insurance ~ Markets, range condition, weather, animal health - a lot can impact your pasture cattle operations.  Despite all the controls you put in place to run a successful business, losses and hardship can still occur due to events outside of your control....

If you are eligible for Medicare, we have some exciting news for you!
If you are eligible for Medicare, we have some exciting news for you!   Open Enrollment for Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Part D (Medicare Prescription Drug Plans) is October 15th through December 7th for coverage beginning January 1st.    ...

Miles City "Crash-Tax".. double taxation?
"Will my insurance cover this?"   That's a question that many locals have been asking.  On Monday, Watts Insurance in Miles City, started receiving inquiries about a recent article in the Miles City Star concerning a recently passed Resolution No: 4007, titled: "City will bill for fire inspections, vehicle accidents" ...

"What will a teen driver do to my insurance premium?"
This is a question that we hear often.  The answer isn't what you'll want to hear: "Your premium will go up.  Why?  Your risk has changed."  Believe me, I know what having teen drivers on your insurance will do to your rates....

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