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Chuck LaDow
Director, Global Contact Centers at Eastman Kodak

Al was very helpful in arranging health insurance for my small business. He listened to the issues, discussed possible solutions including a primary and backup solution and then worked with us to arrange great coverage that meets our needs. Al is very knowledgeable of the different options for Texas (my location), and even though our situation provided challenges, he was always encouraging and didn't let challenges get in the way. Instead, he found the solution right on time - the backup was not needed, but I was thankful to be prepared. If you have health insurance needs, I would recommend talking to Al!

Linda Beranek
Milagros Real Estate/Relocation Consulting

Al has assisted me several times when I was re-negotiating my health care coverage--and his information and suggestions in making the selection were always extremely knowledgeable and well thought out. I am now in the process of making determinations about medicaire coverage and again, Al has been very helpful in giving me insight into this confusing and stressful choice. I appreciate having him to go to when I need a professional opinion. 

Irene Pappas
Retained Executive Recruiter

I have been using Al’s services for over a decade. Throughout that time, Al has enlightened and helped prepare me for a variety of insurance coverages that have educated me and enhanced my life. 

I have always been highly impressed with his Al’s business knowledge in various domains. He has fundamental knowledge in multiple areas of insurance and finance and always takes time in explaining his recommendations and suggestions to me with patience. Al does not try to put his clients into a “one size fits all” mold and is creative in his methods of approaching each client’s individual needs and challenges. His emails are personalized and he uses high tech to let you feel the personalization as it relates to you, a person, not you, clustered in a group. 

In addition to the vast skill set that Al has, one of the most appealing qualities to me, is his raw sense of honesty and his thought provoking sense of humor. Al is very personable and would fit in any kind of environment. He truly passes the “airport test” of being one of those interesting people that you would enjoy speaking with if your flight was delayed. 

I have referred many family, friends and colleagues to Al and will forever continue to use his services throughout my personal and professional path

Beckie Ervin

Al has been great to work with. He is very thorough when researching the coverage available for his client. He is one of the most professional agents I've had the pleasure in working with.

Peggy Moore
Office Managerr at KL Enterprises Inc.

Al is very helpful to us as a small business. He has great people skills and is always helpful if we call and quick to respond to you phone call or e-mails. You will really enjoy doing business with him.

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