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Mitigating BYOD and E-discovery Risks
The prevalence of employee-owned smartphones and other devices in workplaces across the country has grown considerably in the last few years and shows no sign of stopping.   A recent study by Bitglass found that 85% of organizations surveyed allowed their employees to use their personal devices for work functions....

Retirement and Your Life Insurance
Your retirement isn’t simply about you. It’s also about your spouse and dependent children. Your goal is to have enough money in retirement to ensure your family maintains the lifestyle that they’ve grown accustomed to living....

Choosing the Right Employee Benefits
As an employer, you want to make sure you have incentives in place that will help keep your employees happy, and therefore loyal, to your organization. Offering employee benefits is one way you can achieve this goal. There are a number of coverage options available that can meet your budget and employee needs....

3 Misconceptions About Disability Insurance
Most people protect their homes, cars and health with insurance for good reason: they're important personal assets. Another personal asset that is ranked very high among people is their income and the ability to earn it. Without an income, your home, car and eventually your health would be impossible to maintain....

Proper Risk Management for Dentists
Dentistry requires a great deal of precision and personal trust between the patient and dentist. There isn’t often a lot of room for error. If a dentist makes a mistake because he or she fails to properly access risks, there could be a lot of costly damage.  ...

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