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Two Knights is a great insurance company! They exceeded our small business needs as well as our friends'. They are number ONE! Very attentive and they always listen and "fix" every issue we have had. Two thumbs up for sure!

I didn't think I could ever find an insurance agent as caring as Theresa. She's not the "sign you up and go" type of agent. When you need her, she's there. Recommendations for doctors, she's got them. A shoulder to cry on, she's got one. She'll even call the insurance company to help fight your troublesome claims. She knows her stuff so well that she won't let the insurers push her around. It's really miraculous what she can get done. I feel like I've won the insurance agent lottery ;)

Two Knights Ins. has helped me secure good insurance...finally. I suffered a back injury snowboarding and Health Net is helping me regain strength.

Theresa and Two Knights are exactly who you need when looking for insurance services for your business.   We've worked with Theresa for years and she never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and connections.   She has built a great employee benefits program for our company that meets the coverage and cost needs for a small company and its people. 

In the past, my biggest complaint with my prior vendors has been a lack of responsiveness and responsibility.   When I'd have an administrative problem, no one wanted to help.  NOT THE CASE with Theresa.   She always responds same day (even if it's just a message to say she'll get back with a full response tomorrow) and is willing to take over difficult cases and run with them.  I appreciate that this allows me to try to handle the basics on my own, while knowing Theresa has my back and will jump in when I need it.   She has also done a lot to educate me to enable me to handle the recurring issues and learn.

Can't say enough great things.

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