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Can I Remove My Teens From my Auto Insurance?
Dear Insurance Adviser, I have two sons, 17 and 19, who are killing me on car insurance. They are paying some of the money and are working, so it's not the worst situation. However, I'm about to retire from the military, and one son is planning to go into the Army and the other to college in the fall....

Los Angeles Car Insurance Tips for Fun and Safe Summer Driving
Summer is the time when most people start going out for events, travel, or just for fun. It is only natural to want to enjoy your sports car during the warm weather, but it is important to understand some of the unique situations that can occur during the summer....

California Auto Insurance Rates Decrease, Bucking U.S. Trend
California auto insurance buyers are paying less for coverage than they were two decades ago while rates rose substantially for the rest of the country, says the Consumer Federation of America. The consumer group attributes the decrease to the state’s regulatory reform under Proposition 103, which mandates prior approval for rate increases....

Proof of car insurance? There's an app for that
Smartphones are amazing. Now they can get you out of a ticket. Twenty-four states now allow drivers to show electronic proof of insurance coverage during a traffic stop, according to the Property Casualty Insurance Association of America (PCI)....

Factors That May Cause A Los Angeles Car Insurance Company To Cancel Your Policy
Unfortunately, insurance coverage is not permanent. Even more importantly, you should never assume that by paying money toward premiums for an insurance policy that it cannot be cancelled. After all, your insurance company may decide not to allow the driver to renew their contract when the contract ends....

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