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I'd like to thank Lisa Dowling, Laurie Wylie and Jessica Price for helping me through what was a very scary time.  You have all been very kind and got me on the right track

They were far and away the best and most helpful agents I have worked with in a long time. They understood my problem and got me back on track, friendly and even had humor mixed in. What a relief!

Susie Howard

Please share with all associates that you want to help! This is a true and personal story.

I have been insured with a friend for Homeowners Insurance, using Nationwide, for 32 years. This year’s premium was $2,154. I decided to have Trident Insurance take a look at my policy and they not only increased my coverage but my new premium was $1,104! Almost a $1,000 savings!

Then they looked at my Auto Insurance and as a result of my "Stellar" driving record, they were not able to write a policy any cheaper, BUT they told me the questions to ask my current carrier and the options to ask them to consider. 

I called the carrier this morning and my premium went from $5,750 down to $3,783. The representative asked me if I was an insurance agent due to the questions and requests I was making and I said no, I just had friend at an Amazing Insurance Company!

Thanks to Larry Lobascio and Nicole at Trident Insurance……YOU GUYS ROCK!

Michelle (Meitner), you rock. Thanks again. It was a pleasant surprise speaking with someone so cool and knowledgeable about this stuff. You made the process easy & simple, and I appreciate it.

I will send my brother to you if and when he needs to change his insurance. And, I'll let Damon Michels know that his team really steered me in the right direction with you.

It was a pleasure; thanks again.

We would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for helping us out with our first home. Considering all the circumstances, without your guys' help it would have be so much worse - if we would have even made it this far.

You were all great, and beyond professional. Many, many thanks!!

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