Toscano Insurance Group

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1111 Lincoln Road Suite 500
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 397-8807

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Julian and their whole team are all extremely helpful/ knowledgeable every step of the way! Would absolutely recommend, and thanks again for your help!


I have been a customer of Toscano Insurance Group for many years. They provided me with incredible service and have always helped me navigate the complex world of my insurance needs. They are simply the best!


I have used Toscano Insurance for my property insurance and have been extremely satisfied with the great service. I have also referred individuals for both personal and commercial property insurance and have heard that they were completely satisfied with the service and pricing that they received. I highly recommend Toscano Insurance for all your insurance needs.


Excellent personalized attention.


Always great service and even better advice from the team at Toscano Insurance. I highly recommend them.

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Services Offered
Auto Pet
Business & Commercial Professional Liability
Condominium Recreational Vehicle
Cyber Liability Renters
Flood Restaurant
General Liability Specialty Automobile
Group Health Travel
Health Umbrella Coverage
Homeowners Watercraft & Boat
Motorcycle Workers Compensation