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I called Think Pink at around 9 PM, discouraged after trying to reach my ex-insurance agent and other companies because I was trying to get my grand daughter her first vehicle. Not only did Think Pink get me quoted in about 15 minutes they gave me an even LOWER price than I had anticipated! Please consider Kristyn as your agent, she got me exactly what I needed in a short amount of time! Thanks Kristyn!

The customer service is what I was looking for, after a bad experience with my former carrier I realized that maybe I should spend more than 15 minutes looking into something as important as insurance!
After speaking with Kristyn, I was reassured she would look for the best coverage, and the best price. I really appreciate the fact that there are multiple carriers to choose from. I was provided several quotes from a variety of carriers, and felt confident with the experience. The information was clear and concise and I couldn’t be happier with the options I was provided.

Think pink is a great company! I got help on saving money on insurance quickly. Also very exquisite people and glad to be in business.

I saved $60 a month on my auto insurance!! I thought the insurance I already had was standard, but Think Pink told me based on my policy information that I was paying too much, I'm so happy I'm saving so much money and the customer service is on point too!

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