Davis Insurance Associates, Inc.

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1117 48th Ave N Ste 124
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 213-0000

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Brad Davis at Davis Insurance Associates is amazing. He and his group of professionals are dedicated and service oriented. I recommend them to all my clients! When you think insurance, Think Davis Insurance!

"We've been doing business with Brad for 11 years, and Brad and his team are the best. Great customer service always."

"Davis Insurance Associates, Inc. are a great group of individuals. Brad is very attentive as an owner and always willing to step in and make sure that everything runs smoothly. I have never had anything but a 5 star experience with him and his staff for years now, both personally and professionally. Thank you Davis Insurance Associates, Inc."

"Great service, great rates. Switched from a big corporate insurance agency to Davis Insurance Associates. They saved me over $2,000 a year. Id highly recommend them."

"I have worked with AmyBeth for years, first when I was a lender and now as a real estate agent. Her customer service is top of the line and she has always taken excellent care of her customers. She is quick to help anyone that is referred to her and always does what she says she will do. Because of her customer service and knowledge, I will continue to refer buyers to Davis Insurance Associates for insurance quotes."

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