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1203 48th Ave N Suite 109
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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Davis Insurance Associates is an excellent Agency. Adrienne was absolutely great as my Agent! She was very helpful an pleasant to work with. I not only change my Auto Insurance, I also change my Home Insurance. Thanks Again Adrienne for all your help!

"Adrienne was absolutely wonderful as my Agent! I would highly company and this agent! She was professional, helpful, interested and kept in touch with me! I'm grateful for my new homeowner's insurance company, Davis Insurance Associates, Inc. and Adrienne!"

"Andy was very helpful in shopping around for the best carrier for my home Insurance. He pointed out some items that I didn't need to get the price down."

We recently contracted with Davis Insurance for our Homeowners Insurance. Our representative was Christina and we could not be happier with her professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge of her products. We researched insurance companies prior our move to Davis Insurance and their reviews were extremely positive and as we found out totally deserved. We highly recommend this agency for your insurance needs. Jeff & Nancy M

Andy was helpful, responsive, and thorough every step of the way. (Not to mention patient!) We feel confident in the coverage we've purchased and grateful for the service we've received. Thank you!

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