Tanenbaum Harber of Florida

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2900 SW 149th Avenue Suite 100
Miramar, FL 33027-6605 2 Other Locations to Serve You
(954) 883-2900

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Excellent Service provided every time, every year without fail.

Super service! They took the time to listen and make sure we were covered both for property and liability. I love the full service and they shopped the best companies for best rates They worked it!!

I always had confidence in this Tanenbaum Harbor. When Irma hit my business we had to shut down for days. TH pulled through. They calmed me down and explained my coverage and guess what I was totally covered and am so grateful. ps..love business interruption

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Auto General Liability
Business & Commercial Homeowners
Commercial Auto Life
Commercial Property Other
Cyber Liability Watercraft & Boat
Flood Workers Compensation