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My first experience was to change my homeowners and vehicles insurance, saved me tons of money on both in a very short time. Recently needed a quick quote on homeowers so daughter in law could but my rental, had it back within one hour, they are just great people that care about people, Doug, Chris and the whole office makes me feel at ease Thanks to all

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Home Insurance and Your Screen Enclosures
One of the common questions we receive has to do with pool cages and screen enclosures.  First of all, you need to understand that some screen enclosures are situated under the original roof of the home.  These are typically covered, but NOT always, so it is best to check your individual policy....

My Hurricane Deductible Is 2% of What?
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Good Deal? Buying a sinkhole home
In an attempt to stay with the sinkhole theme of our latest BLOGS (Found on our website - www.thewelchgroup.NET), I wanted to give some details on what you should know about insurance when purchasing a sinkhole home....

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