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Life Insurance- It's Your Choice
Why Buy Life Insurance? Kyle Peace, Millennium Brokerage Group Have you ever noticed that no one is required to purchase the one line of insurance guaranteed to have a claim? I mean, if you drive, you must purchase auto insurance with at least liability coverage. This is mandated by local governments....

To Cut or Not to Cut?
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Employee Appreciation Day
The Needham Group Inc is pleased to announce our Partnership with Summit Credit Union.  As our kick-off we had an employee appreciation day serving Kona Ice.  Our agent Vickie Hill is representing us at the Credit Union. Please contact her to assist you with your insurance needs....

Hurricane Season
Are you Prepared?   Hurricane Preparedness   Severe weather can happen  upon us in a flash. A great time to get you and your family ready is now.   And don't forget your  furry four legged family members too.   Have a plan and write it down....

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