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This insurance company has serviced my family for years and you honestly cant ask for better people. They treat you like family and are always professional. I recommend them daily. If you are in need of insurance I give them 5 stars.



If you are looking for insurance or just want a quote you owe it to yourself to call Brett. Professional grade from start to finish. Brett will make sure you get the policy that is right for your circumstance. I have trusted him to …MoreIf you are looking for insurance or just want a quote you owe it to yourself to call Brett. Professional grade from start to finish. Brett will make sure you get the policy that is right for your circumstance. I have trusted him to cover several homes and automobiles over the years and he has never let me down but always continues to wow me with customer service. Thanks Brett.



Thank you Brett for suggesting State Auto, that has a device to put in your car monitor your driving, which could possible lower rates! I think we received an immediate 10% discount by just putting it in our vehicle? Now after having the device for almost a year, our auto insure went down by 38%!!! For us that was an $800/year savings! And I believe my daughter & I are even better drivers with the device in the car...... we learned to watch our speed, keep distance between the vehicles in front so we don't do hard breaks & we don't do hard accelerations (though I don't think I ever did?). Now it's habit & we are much better drivers. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE GETTING ONE OF THESE DEVICES..... for the rate discount & to become better drivers. A win, win.

Marie F.    2/15/2019

I found this company because I was having issues with Farmers Insurance. I live in California and Farmers threatened cancellation of my policy. I was in a panic as we had limited time, I was out of state and remote, Farmers was uncooperative and I was getting zero support from my existing insurance agent.

I went on google and found Matthews Insurance purely from a google search , where they had five stars. I was a little concerned when I saw a 1 star rating on Yelp, but anyways, I decided to call as I needed options, and fast.

I spoke with Eric Matthews, who is probably one of the nicest and most patient people on the planet. I was also out of state at that moment when I called, traveling..... and between cancelled flights and airport drama, trying to get my application in with Eric while at the airport terminal. Add the issue of my then-insurance and roof repair issues and claims, I'm sure I was a handful! However, Eric was cool as a cucumber and extremely professional!!

Eric gave me very candid advice, after our convo, that I truly needed to do a full roof replacement to stay insurable. My issue was I needed a reliable roofer (I was out of state!!) and I needed short term financing. Well? Eric not only referred me his own roofer but also the roofer who had done work for his brother!!! He mobilized his own network to get me help. Truly, that was going above and beyond.

I ended having a truly seamless experience with the roofer and subsequently, it was so easy to transition the insurance to Eric Matthews and Safeco. Additionally, Eric was been extremely responsive to all my concerns. I send an email? He replies. I call? He answers and/or returns calls very promptly.

I felt like Eric brings back old school traditional, excellent customer service. Super thrilled to have found him!! I recommend to anyone to do business with him. I'm not an easy person to please as I have high standards, but Eric meets every standard, and more.

And by the way, I believe he told me he was also in the service. ( I interviewed him on his credentials.) Maybe that's the root cause of the disciplined approach and the work ethic.

And sir, thank you for your service!!!!

Five stars for Matthews Insurance Group!!!!!!

John and I have had the pleasure of doing business with Matthews Insurance for 26 yrs. There are several reasons why they are the BEST !!! Just to name a few....all of the Matthews men are very nice , personable and will work with you to make the right decisions. They always check on your insurance to make sure your getting the best insurance with a great quote. If there is a disagreement with an insurance company they go to work for YOU to get it fixed. With Matthews Insurance ....we never have any worries! They take care of us!

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