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32916 Vine Street
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This company was recommended to me when I purchased my first car from Liberty Ford in Cleveland. I have been a VERY SATISFIED customer with this company for 6 years now. Every year they make sure I am happy with my current policy holder or if changes need to be made they take care of them. This year my policy was ending and like every year I got a call. This year it was from Sam who was AMAZING!!!! She worked extra hard to look for policies that would work for what I needed as I now have a teenage driver!!!! She was able to get me what I needed and worked hard to make sure I was happy. I usually don't do reviews but I want you, Insurance Pad and Sam to know how much you are appreciated, THANK YOU for everything you do!!!!!

I had the pleasure meeting the Insurance Pad team today and let me say, they are so wonderful and know insurance. Kim took the time to show me what I was covered for as well as making suggestions to help better protect me. Now that may seem not out of the norm, but this was for policies they are not an agent for!

My experience is when you have someone willing to educate you and help you, this is someone you want to do business with.

Thank you so much, look no further, this is the agency you need!

I’ve been dealing with this company for 5yrs now! The staff is very helpful & definitely spot on with finding the best insurance at the lowest price! :)

Kim and Kristy have been wonderful! I have been a customer of The Insurance Pad for many years. I am always confident that I am getting the best rates available for the best coverage. They are always helpful, kind, and responsive to any questions or concerns I have. I highly recommend them for all your insurance needs.

The staff at The Insurance Pad are amazing! They genuinely care about finding you an affordable policy and thoroughly answer your questions. I recently had the pleasure of working with Kristy. She is awesome, has great customer service and appreciates a good joke! If you are not being insured through The Insurance Pad….are you really insured?? What are you waiting for?! Go be great….with The Insurance Pad!

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