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It is very hard to improve “PERFECTION” in your service to us “GLOBAL FINANCIAL TEAM”.

For over the 20 plus years with you as our insurance agent I have only had to actually use our insurance policy twice. 

Once when our $1.00 store had a fire and burned down and recently when I got into a car accident a few weeks back and my car was total loss. Both times what I really appreciated and was very thankful for was that I was over insured by you and your team. Meaning I had protection that I did not even know was available to me. 

Frankly speaking, this is why I love that we use you and your team for all of our insurance needs- home, auto, and business. We are not with you because you are the cheapest but we are with you because you offer competitive rates, great service and that you and your team make sure we have the BEST coverage in times of need. 

For that I wanted to say Thank You!

Our family has used Global Financial’s services for quite some years now and hands down Nisha has given us the best service and pricing. Shopping around would be a waste because I can honestly say I am in GREAT hands. I have even given Nisha her own personal #NKB ‘Nisha knows best’. Thank you for all you do!

The Global Financial & Insurance Services is always helpful and prompt in any of my questions. I certainly appreciate the good customer service.

You were much better than all others I talked to in coverage and price.

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