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3301 Hoyt Ave
Everett, WA 98201
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Having a local insurance agent and office has proven to be of GREAT benefit AGAIN. Thank you so much for my annual insurance review and recommendations to lower our insurance costs! I never received a review from my previous 1-800 insurance company. Having Lynn and Gretchen in our corner is awesome as we navigate all the nuisances of auto, property, rental, and home insurance needs. One of the best decisions I have made in recent years was switching to Ben Miller and his team for our insurance needs. Spectacular, no other word is more fitting for this team!!!!

It is so awesome to have a local insurance team vice a 1-800 number to call. The personalized service and willingness to go above and beyond is what sets Ben Miller and his team apart from all the rest. Thank you so much for helping us on a task that really had nothing to do with insurance, but you were willing to lend a hand. Can't thank Lynn and Gretchen enough for all they have done both as part of our insurance team and as part of our local "family." Y'all are the best and continue to show why it was the right decision to join Ben Miller and his team as clients. Well done to all!!!!

Best Insurance agency I have ever had! Thanks to Gretchen and team for saving me money and always be so delightful to talk to and work with you guys ROCK!


I've been with this agency for essentially 5 years now, and they've been fantastic over the course of it. I initially used to work with Tyler back when they were BFI. But now Ben, now that he's taken over. More than anything, their response time for inquiries/questions/quotes has always been extremely fast. Helping me put together packages that meet my needs. Both practical coverage needs, and schedule needs. I really can't ask for anything more at this moment.

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