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1503 Park St
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-1818

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I'm very happy with the team at Ted Hamm Insurance. They're always professional and easy to deal with.


I have worked with Ted Hamm from the day I started my business and they have gone above and beyond to answer my questions and keep my business moving forward. Timely and work through any issues and paperwork I throw at them!


I can always count on Ted Hamm Insurance. Especially, when I need something right away. The office staff is so willing to help. Thanks so much for getting me what I need fast!

The policy coverage is exactly what we wanted at a fair price. The agent, Shannon Swensson was extremely helpful and very nice to work with. I really appreciate the work that she put into our policy.

Every single contact I have had with Ted Hamm Insurance over the years I've been a client has been a pleasant and positive experience, ranging from walk-in questions at the front desk to having to telephone after storm damage. I've even received calls from our agent suggesting switching policies when the new company was more cost efficient. I am happy that I have an agency that feels like it works on my behalf. 

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