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I had a top notch interaction with Heather getting our insurance squared up due to recent life events. Heather was always very positive and upbeat. She graciously listened to my questions and comments and always took the time to understand my perspective and offer the ideal solution. She took the time to research if needed and always got back to me in a timely manner. I appreciate the fact she proactively kept me in the loop without me having to follow up on the status.

I have high expectations regarding my work and the interaction at my office so I can be critical of others when it does not meet my expectations. Heather met and exceeded my expectations! What a terrific individual to have as part of the TCU Insurance team.

Thank you, Linda, for setting me up to work with her. I cannot say enough good things about you and Heather when I talk to others about TCU Insurance.

Thank you for taking care of the Certificate Of Compliance on my behalf.

Jacob is doing a fine job working with me through this claim. I've spoken with him on the phone a couple times, and emailed him a copy of the police report, pictures, and accident video.

This is the 2nd large not-at-fault claim since 2014 for this vehicle, and both times have been as seamless as an insurance claim can possibly be. I intend to continue to purchase a policy for my next vehicle thanks to this service.

“We will save $200 - $300 this year for switching to TCU Insurance!”

“Comfortable, stress free talk about insurance. No pressure, and easy to understand all of your choices!”


My husband and I were very pleased with our service when we changed our home and auto insurance to TCU's insurance services.

We probably had more questions than most new customers, and Leann was always quick to reply with a (patient and) clear explanation.

Thank you!

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