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Nick is fantastic! We’ve had quite a few changes with our insurance needs over the past year, and he has patiently and efficiently helped us through everything. As the business manager, I ask a lot of questions, and he is always quick to reply and knowledgeable, which I greatly appreciate. If you need insurance, Nick’s your guy!

Nick gave me very fast and competitive quotes! Appreciate his flexibility in answering all my questions and looking into all my concerns! Thanks for your professionalism!


We just switched over to Nick as our agent and I couldn’t be happier!! We have 4 drivers, 3 cars, 2 teenagers and run a business out of our home and he was able to find something that exactly fit our needs!! He is so helpful and easy to work with!!

I called Holly Jennings looking for a new rate on my auto insurance. Not only did she get back with me the same day, she was able to save me 300$ a year! Thank you Holly for all your help!

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