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27 Lucy St
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svendsen insurance is the best. They are really professional stuff. They always look for better services with a great price for you. I have been with them for many years and I am not thinking to leave them. They answer your questions the way you like ,by calls or emails in a very short time. Whenever you find something not understandable, they work hard to find a better solution for it. Those people stands in middle and do the hard part when you get in trouble or when you like to look for another insurance with better price. I highly recommend you to be a part of this group because you will find a better service, better price, and better people. For here I want to thank all them for their work, especially Kelly. She is a really great person and she is a very helpful lady.

!!!THE BEST!!!!  I have been with the Svendsen agency since 1999. The staff goes out of there way to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. They take the time to listen to what your needs and concerns are. ( No Matter how many times in a single day you call them with questions. LOL).  Thank you Jon, Pam, Kirsten and Kelly for helping me for the last 19 years!!!

I was referred to Svendsen Ins to get a quote on my existing insurance.
From the moment I made my phone call, I could tell there was something different here.
Things with insurance can be very confusing. I was actually educated to understand and ultimately speak the same insurance language. I felt very comfortable asking questions.
I learned proper coverage is very important. More important is customer service. No matter who I spoke with whether it was Jon, Lisa or Kirsten, the result was the same.
This company knows the true meaning of customer service.
A friendly, professional, knowledgeable, honest and top of the line Insurance Company for sure.
If you are looking for a new insurance company or just price comparing, you really need to give Svendsen Ins Company a call.
I know you will have an excellent experience like I did.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy A. Hamilton

Thanks Pam! Rich Spoke very highly of you last night when we discussed the Homeowner's/car insurance with Morgan and Vinn. He said you are on top of your game and are always helpful and dedicated to your customers :) We now have 3 generations with the Svendsen Agency.

I love this insurance agency. They take care of me, I work hard for a living and sometimes forget to get things in on time but they are great with courtesy calls and reminders and are very pleasant to work with. They shop my policy every year to make sure I am getting the best rates. Couldn't be happier

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