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I spoke to Agent Napodano, and he has been very helpful and friendly to help me find a good and affordable quote for auto insurance. All my questions were answered well. This is a good beginning of new auto insurance. :)

I'm very happy that I found this insurance agent. I received a response back within 30 minutes after I left my contact info. Agent Laura is very friendly and helpful. Insurance quote was issued within couple hours after she worked out my details. I was able to cut down on premiums (auto and home) and receive excellent client services. I highly recommend Suzanne Brown Insurance. I'm so glad I found them.

Laura saved me a significant amount on my combined Home & Auto insurance when switching from another carrier.  Laura very quickly found better priced policies saving me from significant time (and headache) trying to get quotes from other insurance companies.  Laura was awesome, extremely responsive and answered multiple email questions regarding my policies, costs and terms.  I am VERY happy with the quality and timeliness and highly recommend Suzanne Brown Insurance companies and my agent Laura!  Save yourself a lot of time, frustration and money trying to get your own quotes online and just call Laura at Suzanne Brown Insurance!

Colton Cummings was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, courteous, honest, diligent, and responded in a timely manner. He went above and beyond what my previous insurance agent did for me.

I emailed several local independent insurance agents and Laura at Suzanne Brown Insurance Agency was the best to work with and found me the lowest rates with the best coverage by far. I appreciated that the comprehensive form I was able to fill out online and that in the beginning we were able to address a lot of questions by quick emails as it's hard for me to be able to make a phone call at work during the week. By the time we had settled on some quotes that looked right, Laura was wonderful to work with over the phone and gave me all the time in the world to ask detailed questions.

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