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I have been with this agency for two years. I worked with Colton and Meredith, both of them are very helpful and efficient. They always can find a great quote that can satisfy what I need.


You have an awesome group of folks at your office and have shown stellar customer service through this entire post-Harvey ordeal. Thanks for making a difference. It means a lot during these times.

Donna is so efficient and thorough. Best customer service I've ever received from an insurance co. She always saves me money on my policies.

I switched insurance policies a few months back and decided to used Suzanne Brown because of the great service i got from one of their agents Buddi. I have had to make two claims since working with this agency and Buddi has continued to show nothing but the best in customer service. Highly recommend Buddi and this agency!!

We are long-time customers of Suzanne Brown Agency. She has handled all kinds of insurance for us, including insurance for rental property and second home. Recently, Agent Michael ******** worked hard to find new homeowners insurance after we had a burglary, and our rates went way up with our prior provider. Michael found us a better deal, with better coverage for lower premium, then helped me to carefully insure my valuables. We also upgraded our Auto insurance and saved $ at the same time. Thank you Michael and Suzanne!

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