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Olu and the team at Surety EZ are nothing short of amazing. I can't recommend them enough.

I had the pleasure of working with Phillip and he was incredible. Definitely had my best interest at heart. Very responsive and remembered me when I called a few weeks later. He helped me figure out the best health plan for me taking into consideration budget and need. As someone purchasing health insurance for the first time, there was some information I wasn't clear on and he was very patient, making sure to explain the pros and cons for each plan. I could not recommend him enough.

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A surety bond has three parties involved in the process: Principal, Obligee, and Surety. The principal party pays for the bond and performs the service; the obligee is the one the service is being performed for; and the surety is the party that pays the obligee in case the principal fails to perform....

Law Matters: What’s an Exonerated Surety Bond?
There are three main types of surety bonds: court, contract, and commercial. All of them act as guarantee on behalf of the principal. Other than the principal, there are two more parties involved in surety bonds: The obligee and the surety. The obligee is the party for which the principal performs a specific service....

A Brief Overview of Telemarketing Bonds
What is Telemarketing? Telemarketing is selling products or services to customer through a telephone call. The customers are called on numbers taken either from telephone directories or from the company’s database. The calls mostly follow scripted sales pitch with some room to customize the pitch according to the customer....

5 Steps to Verify Surety Bonds
Surety bond fraud is issuing fake surety bonds by fraudulent companies, self-proclaimed bond agents, or the principals. The construction sector is chock-full of instances where contracting companies give fake bonds to their employees to get jobs....

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A court bond is sought whenever you need to go through a court to carry out certain proceedings. The court’s role here is to mitigate financial loss and ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of an agreement or task by verifying your financial credibility and knowledge. ...

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