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Bill Gay more than exceeds expectations. Thank you!

Fantastic!!! I'm so glad we met with him. All of our questions answered all signed up, ready to go! He took all of the worry out of it.

I was concerned I'd make the wrong choice for my Medicare Plan. Bill Gay took the time to explain the pros/ cons of each plan, covered all details, answered all my questions... so I could select the best plan for my needs. No pressure. The right decision for me was the Healthfirst Value Plan HMO. Love it. He/his staff also send up important updates/reminders to make sure I am taking advantage of my "zero out of pocket" benefits. Calls/emails are promptly returned, too. Wonderful customer service!

Bill Gay has become a trusted friend as well as representative for our senior medical policies. We recommend him to all of our friends and family.

Bill Gay offered very concise, easy to understand information on Medicare coverage. He obviously is quite knowledgable on the subject and took his time with me, willing to answer any and all questions I had. He also made it clear that anytime in the future I may need him to answer questions I will be talking directly to him. That fact in itself is so reassuring as I move forward in this process.

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