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I can't think of any company with better customer service than Strickler Ins. Elliott has quickly taken care of every problem Ive ever called him with, even though I usually call at the very last minute. Everyone I've talked to at Strickler is professional, friendly, extremely efficient and super helpful. I've recommended them to all of my friends and family, and even to strangers that I've overheard complaining about their insurance. You really dont know how much of a difference excellent customer service makes until you experience it. When I was in an accident and didn't know what to do next, Elliott helped me through it and was always there for me whenever I had a question. I can't recommend them enough.

Can't say enough good things about Strickler. Every contact I have had, and there have been many, has been awesome. I get fast, knowledgeable and HUMAN responses every time. Elliot knows his business inside out, and he got me a great quote for really solid insurance on my bike. When I got run over by an a-hole in an SUV, Elliott and the team were right there with anything we needed in the documentation process, and the UIM coverage saved. My. Ass. I've learned that having a good agent is like a secret weapon against vehicular bullsh*t, though all too often unappreciated. Strickler has my gratitude and my business for the foreseeable future. Here's to you dudes, thanks for all you do! ??

This company has been great to work with. I've got our personal home and 2 rentals plus all of our vehicles covered with them. Easy to get a hold of and even easier to work with.

I highly recommend Frank J. Cute from Strickler Insurance Agency. Frank is a super efficient, knowing and pleasent agent, who takes really good care of his customers. I have had severe problems getting an Auto Insurance in the US because I am a Danish citizen and live in Denmark. Frank figured out how to solve my problem and took care of it in no time. Best of all, Frank is always available if have a question or a problem.


I have been working with Strickler as a first time client since 2010, starting with Property Insurance needed for my first ever investment property duplex purchased in 2010.

From that point on, they have been my continual steadfast "go to" for every other  related of insurance they offer as a Company, as well as passing down other referrals both to my immediate of friends and family, and cronies alike.

I've done both simple, straight-forward transactions with them, where they were able to quickly get me a same of apples -to-apples quote on combined average of all, about 54% less than what I was same time quoted with the larger companies, such as Farmer's Insurance or Allstate.

Recently, 24 months ago, I recently first worked with Customer Service Erika B., whom helped me with a tricky Insurance need I was all but ready to give up on.  She came through to make it happen at the end, when no one else both could at the time, or gave as much professional expertise, heart and dedication to make it happen.
Thank you most gratefully Strickler Insurance Agency, Inc., for continually being dedicated to your Clients and their needs as #1 Priority had. This is what sets you apart from the rest, I still strongly believe since working with you 7 years ago!

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