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To Whom It may concern.  My name is Enid Johnson, wife of Frederick Johnson.  On July 4, 2013 we were victims of a horrible fire that really devastated us.  Recently we discovered a contractor who was out bided put a lien on our home for services not rendered.


I called Mr. Steve Buckley and explained my situation.  He didn't hesitate to get information for us and connected us to the right person at Republic.  This was not his problem and he could have just said "good luck".  Mr. Buckley will never know how much better I felt after speaking to him.  He went above what was expected and we owe him a huge "THANK YOU".


I was contacted by Mr. Daniel Hatchett who identified himself as a representative from Republic.  Mr. Hatchett explained that this situation was not related to our claim and Republic was not able to directly help us.  He offered the contact information to a lawyer who could possible help, Mr. Steve Badger.  Again, someone went above what we expected!  We thought this situation was going to quite frankly, ruin our lives.  Mr. Hatchett took the time to make sure that I understood what was involved and that he felt like Mr. Badger was the person we could trust.  Mr. Hatchett didn't have to take my call but not only did he, he was right!


One email from Mr. Badger and within less than 24 hours the contractor agreed to remove the lien!  Mr. Badger we are forever grateful!


These gentlemen deserve a standing ovation for going above and way beyond the scope of their assignments.  It may have been a small gesture to them but it was life changing to us.


Blessings to you all, Frederick and Enid Johnson

Steve Buckley is an independent agent and since not bound by any provider, he has a broader range of insurers from which to select products. He's customer-oriented and very knowledgeable about all aspects of personal insurance.  And trustworthy.


Buckley Insurance Agency has provided me with quality insurance for many years. Steve Buckley has taken care of my insurance needs as well as providing a caring, professional approach to my insurance needs. Steve's dedicated, professional approach has been greatly appreciated and I would recommend his agency to anyone needing insurance or professional help navigating today's complex insurance field.    

Steve, I just want to thank you for providing superior service for all these years (been so long I can't remember how many).  Every time I called you were right there with the answers.  Keep up the good work.


I have to say, Steve Buckley is the most amazing agent I have ever dealt with.  Not only has he always treated me extremely well, but I have witnessed him taking care of other customers like they were his own family.  In every way he fights for his customers well being.  Congratulations Steve on having such great ethics.

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