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Small Business Health Plans
California offers 6 Health Plans and 10 Dental Plans from HMO's (Health Maintenance Organizations), PPO's (Preferred Provider Organizations) and EPO's (Exclusive Provider Organizations) specifically designed for Small Business, all approved by the Affordable Healthcare Act. ...

Today is September 11th. Twelve years ago today our country was forever altered by terrorist attacks and 9/11 became a day that no one will ever forget. Since then we have picked up the pieces and emerged stronger than before. September 11th, 2001 left a legacy that includes patriotism and American Pride, but also includes a hyper-awareness of terrorism....

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A few years back, I was watching a sketch comedy show that did a skit about what the internet would look like if it were a real place. some parts looked like Beverly Hills and others looked like places you would never ever want to be after dark. The internet is an amazing thing but it can also be a dangerous thing, as well....

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Considering all of the hullabaloo regarding branding (and Monday's post), I hope you are convinced that having a strong brand can, at the very least, a good idea. Unfortunately, good ideas and good brands don't manifest into reality all by themselves; they have to be built....

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TED Talk Tuesday - Joseph Pine Customers want to feel what they buy is authentic, but "Mass Customization" author Joseph Pine says selling authenticity is tough because, well, there's no such thing. He talks about a few experiences that may be artificial but make millions anyway. ...

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