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INSURANCE. I have always been skeptical about it. Both the industry as a whole and some of the people who have tried to sell it to me.

That all changed a few years ago. I now have 100% satisfaction with my folks, top to bottom, who insure me home and vehicles. If you aren't 100% satisfied, you're missing out. 

The Stahlka Agency is ready for you, your family and business! 

When I told them "I'm buying a car in 2 hours and need insurance", they had my back. I had no interest sitting in a car dealership during a pandemic waiting for my insurance to come through. My cards were ready to go when I arrived at the dealer. 

It was Saturday at 2pm, and I had four inches of water throughout my basement, I didn't get directed to a call center or an automated system telling me to call back when they open up again. I got the telephone number for the president of the company, Mark Stahlka, who answered my call immediately and walked me through all of my options. 

That's how they roll. If you want to deal with actual people, get clear and honest answers, get the TIMELY service you deserve, get the right coverage, and you don't want more anxiety piled on top of an already stressful claim, contact Mark Stahlka or Christopher O'Conner to get started. You can thank me later.

Josh H, Hamburg, NY


Nobody likes to have to use their insurance, but it is comforting to know that when you need them, everyone at the Stahlka Agency provides prompt and courteous service at fair prices. I higly recommend these guys.

The Stahlka Agengy has provided very reliable services for our business and family. We appreciate the wealth of knowledge they have on corporate benefits and personal finances. We completely trust the integrity of this agency and know we can depend them for our needs.


Great rates, great coverage, and amazing service. Mark Stahlka is diligent on finding you a great rate while ensuring you have coverage for whatever comes at you. I will never go anywhere else for any insurance needs.

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