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Thank you very much for looking into this issue and getting it resolved. We appreciate everything you do as our agent 


Thanks Al and Diane.

You are the ultimate professionals


You are the greatest people I know. I’m telling everyone about you. 


You say it right, insurance companies have to make money to survive. It's like Las Vegas, in the end the casino always wins. Negotiating prices seems like a smart idea to me.

 I did a little math, going back 10 years. If I had dental insurance, my teeth would have cost me dearly. Smart would be to deposit a monthly premium in the bank each month, then the money would be there when a major repair was due.

I am now of the opinion that I will probably do without insurance. Do I change my mind later, I will certainly consider you.

I appreciate you giving me such open and honest advice without pushing for a deal, which many brokers do. Thank you very much.

We will hear from each other again no later than the end of the year when the topic of supplemental insurance and Medicare D comes due.

I appreciate your way of doing business, open and honest.

Thanks again


 I refer you, cause I think you do a great job.  Alan

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