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4 Questions to Ask Your Life Insurance Agent
Life insurance is an important policy that works to protect your family from financial hardship when you’re no longer able to do so. Picking the right policy is crucial, as not all life insurance policies are created the same. Before you settle on life insurance, it is important to ask your insurance agent the right questions....

Protecting Personal Items from Theft in Rental Homes
When you move into a rental home, you will occupy a space that belongs to someone else and that therefore is not entirely private. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create a personal and secure residence for yourself. ...

How Does My BOP Cover Fire Damage?
Property fires are often scary, devastating occurrences. After one strikes your business, you might worry about how you’ll pick up the pieces. Small business owners who carry a business owners policy (a BOP) often have a convenient way to do so. BOPs are unique insurance assets that provide numerous types of coverage....

Cost Obligations Within Boat Insurance
Boat insurance will lessen the costs that boaters must pay as a result of shipwrecks or other hazards. But, even though coverage can decrease your burden, that does not mean boat ownership (and its hazards) cost nothing. There are many costs that boaters will have to pay even within their boat insurance itself....

Understanding Pet Liability Insurance
Everyone loves their pet, but the fact that your animal loves you doesn't mean it loves a stranger. That also doesn't stop it from being curious, playful, and occasionally aggressive. So, if your pet causes a friend or neighbor a problem, then they might blame you for the resulting damage....

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