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By far the best insurance company I have seen. My husbands family started with Bryan Carly insurance. So I know its been in this family for for along time. They have always been there for us even if it was just a question. We have always had/have great service. So just remember you get what you pay for. You might find cheaper, but they don't look out for you like this company does.

I consider The Slyman Insurance Group to be a very customer service orientated company that truly cares about it's customers. That can't be said about too many organizations these days. I feel very confident having them do quests and serving my coverage. I would recommend them to my family and friends.

I’ve been a customer of SIG from the very beginning, and would never dream of leaving. Their fantastic customer service and proactive willingness to help make sure I get the best value possible is second to none. In 2022, we had a roof claim, which was handled so smoothly from start to finish. I highly recommend this organization.

Karen K. was very helpful in setting up my car insurance. She was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend Slyman Insurance Group for your car insurance.

i have saved so much money with Nationwide Insurance after being with State Auto for a long time. I recommend them to everyone. I have gotten a lot pf people to switch over who are also very happy. Everyone I've talked to when I call remembers me. and if you leave a message they call right back. They have been especially helpful during this pandemic. Jamie is such an asset to your company . She makes me feel like a friend not just a customer. Thank you for everything you do, Nationwide Insurance Slyman Agency

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