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Pam is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does!  She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and always keeps her customers number one.  If you are looking for an insurance agent who will be in your corner and fight for you, call Pam at Simmons Insurance Agency today!

Pam Morgan and her team are reliable people you can trust with important life matters – and isn’t that what you want in an insurance agent? Oh, and they are supportive of and involved in their community which speaks to their character.  Great people to do business with.

A great local company owned by a special lady that always supports the community.

My wife and I wanted to establish with a local agency since moving to Mount Airy.  We also had questions about coverages and billing.  We researched some of the local agents and decided to pop in on the Simmons Insurance Agency in Mount Airy.  It was there we met Marie.  She was very cordial and helpful and spent a good amount of time working with us to transfer our policies and fully explain all the questions we had.  We walked out of there happy customers!

I have had insurance with the Simmons Insurance Agency for 22 years and if I had a problem or needed help with something, I have always had the matter resolved in a short period of time.  The ladies at the Simmons Insurance Agency have never let me down.  I deal with Celia for all my insurance needs.  She knows my insurance needs and takes care of them for me.  All I have to do is call.

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