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Appreciate looking at the alternatives at renewal and discussing the pros and cons of each. Always a professional and courteous staff willing to assist when required. We have been doing business with Karen Ehlers Insurance for 11+ years and will continue to do so.

Honest and helpful.

The agent who shopped our policies was very professional and informative when explaining the different options to us.  Recommendations were sound and he did an excellent job working to keep the cost of our coverage in a reasonable range or as reasonable as it could be in this day and age.

What I valued the most was the information and education about the revised coverage that I needed both on my house and automobile. I was underinsured and didn’t even know it. My prior agent failed to provide me with this critical information. I need to work with people I trust and respect. I am so happy that I was referred to this agency by my dear friend.

When I have a question or issue, you are very prompt with your response or solution.

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