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I found Matt Clark very helpful and he was available for any concerns I had. And most importantly, he is a kind man.

They have gone above and beyond the call of duty from any insurance agents I have ever had. They've had so much patients with me. I recently lost my husband and I just turned 65 and there was so much I didn't know and John has walked me through each step and done so much for me. I would be lost in the shuffle of terms I know nothing about if not for them. I appreciate their respect so much and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much.

I was so confused about Medicare as I was turning 65 and I was getting overwhelmed by all the mailers and telephone calls coming in. By the grace of God, John Matthew came into my life and simplified the entire process. He was so calm and nonpushy and I felt immediately comfortable. After about an hour explaining Medicare and all the components I felt a Medicare supplement would be my best option. He never made me feel pressured and knew the answer to every question I asked. Most importantly he took genuine interest in learning about me and my health so he knew of some great plans in my area. I know have the best medical plan I've ever had and I got a wonderful price for my G plan. He also help me get my drug plan and showed me additional ways to save money through good Rx. He followed up with me and even sent me a birthday card. He is young, but does business the old fashioned way. I have sent a couple of my girlfriends to him so they can have the very best of the best. I highly recommend him and his agency.

Brad Davis was my advisor. He did a wonderful job an was very personable with my needs. Thanks for the help. I recommend your associate/associates for senior insurance help needs.

After so many calls and annoyances, I didn't think I would my Medicare business over the phone, but I really got lucky. Hannah Brummer made things very understandable and realistic. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. I knew this was someone I could finally trust.

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