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My doctors and some of my hospitals were no longer accepting my Medicare plan I got in touch with Robin a licensed agent with Senior Market Agents Network was able to find a plan that accepted all my doctors and hospitals at a very competitive rate.”  I been using his services for years and have referred many friends and family members.

After a number of MediGap rate increases I contacted Greg a Licensed Agent with Senior Market Agents Network who shopped the market and found me MediGap plan with annual savings over $700 without sacrificing benefits. Excellent Customer service.

I moved to another state and thought I would have to start the process all over again finding a Medicare Plan. Thanks to Laurie a licensed agent with Senior Market Agents Network after just making 1 phone call to he was right there helping me through the entire process.

Mary J a Licensed Agent with Senior Market Agents Network helped my Mom who lost her Employer coverage and needed to enroll in Medicare. We were so confused about the entire Medicare process. enroll in Medicare Part B, a MediGap and a Part D plan. Thanks to the outstanding customer service provided by Mary J my Mom is fully covered and protected.” 

When I turn 65 I was so overwhelmed and confused with Medicare with all the different options and moving parts. Greg educated me on Medicare and all the plan options with a simple clear concise approach. Thanks to Greg I knew exactly what type of plan I needed to enroll in which would have taken me days or even weeks if I had to do it all on my own. “The Free consultation was so worth it.”

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