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Allen Hale is the agent I dealt with for our needs. He was very professional yet personal. I do believe he found us the best deal available for what we needed. Will definitely tell others about him and Securex Insurance Group!


After being on the phone trying to find insurance for hours. He's too old or he's too sick. Spoke with Mr. Allan Hale and he was able to get insurance on my husband >80 years old. It was a breath of fresh air and a very positive and compassionate conversation. Now my loved one has insurance and I can take a deep breath.


Allan was an absolute joy to work with. I have been trying to get my mother to get a final expense policy for a while now but it was a subject she refused to discuss.
I initiated the conversation with Mr. Hale then he eased her in to the process and talked her thru it with patience and kindness.
After speaking with him she was at ease and glad she finally took care of this matter.
Allan, you were so sweet, kind and patient with my mom.
Thank you, you were a true blessing today and I appreciate everything you
did for us.


I like to say thank you for the wonderful people that you have working in your company my agent is the greatest person I have ever talked to as far as finding great policy for my family my agent Allan Hale is one of the best specialist that you have he has the patience and the time to explain exactly when it is that your policy has to offer it made great comfort to me to know that I can talk with an agent that can explain things clearly where I can understand to want your policy he is patient he is very professional he is very helpful and efficient and everything that he done for me I hope to have him for the rest of my life as my agent I wouldn't want anyone else it's a blessing to have a agent in your company working for you that can really make people understand that having life insurance is very important in our lives and I found it very difficult to find a policy because I didn't understand what they were saying he made it easy for me. Thank you!


Excellent Excellent Excellent Call and I appreciate his patience with me

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