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Legally, life insurance is a contract, governed principally by state law. A life insurance contract promises to pay a specified amount of money to a designated beneficiary when the insured person dies. The contract is between the insurance company and the policy owner, who pays premiums in exchange for the promised death (and other) benefits....

Fixed Annuity Investing.
What’s behind the surge in fixed indexed annuity sales? An FIA is a fixed annuity with a variable rate of return pegged to an investment index. It can do better than a fixed annuity if the index rises appreciably, and FIAs lose no money in a year in which the market is down....

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WHAT PEOPLE THINK When it comes to thinking about disability and its financial impact, most people just haven’t really thought about it. The Council for Disability Awareness studied workers’ perceptions of disability and how prepared they are to deal with a loss of income....