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Lincolnshire, IL 60069
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I have known Lynn and Chris for 20 plus years. They have always been the most responsive, caring and professional insurance representatives. And they get their clients the best policies and prices. I am in excellent hands!

The best insurance agency I have ever dealt with. Chris and Lynn have consistently gone above and beyond for me. Kind, informative, patient and courteous-they are always there to help.


Phenomenal service!!!  I call or email Chris and he gets back to me immediately.  Extremely professional, punctual and just plain kind.

My wife and I have been working with Chris for years.  He and Lynn are nothing short of tremendous.

Chris and Lynn are extremely responsive and are always looking out for our best interest. They have great recommendations for making sure we have the right coverage, and they regularly review the market to identify opportunities to save us money.

They are both friendly and professional, and I highly recommend them for all of your insurance needs.

Chris provides unbelievable customer service. I'm a new customer and he helped me with my home, auto, umbrella and landlord policies for 2 rentals. He personally inspects the home, and presents his best proposal in person.

He is incredibly responsive and I have confidence in his customized recommendations.

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