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Today my mom received a letter that her insurance had been canceled. We immediately got on the phone and called Remco. Unfortunately we received a very annoyed rep who would not only not help us but placed us on hold and disconnected the call after I asked for a supervisor. She first stated she didn't have a sup then proceeded to place me on hold to get one. She never came back to the line. My mom paid her insurance Aug 31 and it was canceled Sept 3rd by underwriter's. Turns out she needed to sign an exclusion excluding myself and husband. That's fine except she could have signed that paper while she was on office Aug 31. We called back and got Irma from Rosenberg. She was great! Got the problem resolved immediately! Thank you Irma, they need more like you working for this company.

Muy bien exelente servicio

The East Maine location is the best service that I have had. Julye looked out for me and found an insurance policy that I be could afford. Thank you Julye. Thank you Remco. -Diondrea T.

Remco representative was friendly and very helpful. Strived to get me an affordable policy i needed.

Great Customer service always from Jessica at Alameda location by Fox Plaza El Paso Texas, very friendly and fast. 5 stars definitely!!!

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