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Very detailed and customer oriented.

Awesome, amazing. Met Regina not too long ago and finally had a sit down and went over numbers. Changed all my insurances over that day

Regina helped me with insurance pending a house sale. I new nothing about what I needed. In addition to being very knowledgeable she was very reassuring during the process. I highly recommend Regina.

I went to Regina on the advice of a fellow businessman.

I have many different needs based on my personal and business situations.

I did not originally go to "save money" as crazy as that sounds.

I went  to make sure I had proper insurances for my needs without overlapping.

Regina quickly explained that other side of overlapping is "gaps" in coverage.  So, it's a pretty fine line between having too much insurance and too little.

I gave her an outline of all my existing business and personal insurances and needs and the experience has been great.

We have been slowly and in order changing all of my policies over to her and the companies with which she does business.

By the way, I have saved money on my policies as well.

But, my advice is this:  KNOW YOUR COVERAGES.

You cannot simply ask several different brokers/agents for prices without knowing if you are comparing apples to apples.  I can almost guarantee you aren't.  Because I wasn't.   And I thought I was really freakin' smart.

Last thing,  you really do get a feeling that Regina is working for YOU.  Not for the insurance companies.   And that's a good feeling.

Oh wait, this is the last thing.   I was very interested  - since I pay for my own health insurance - if there was someone "like her" that did that also.

Turns out, she does!

So, that's next.

I had dealings with a large locally owned insurance company here in the valley, they were to say the least not responsive to my questions and concerns.
I meet with Regina and had a wonderful conversation. She is thoughtful and really interested in trying to be of service to you. I highly recommend Regina Jasak. She saved me money and I now have better coverage than I did before. Wow how AWESOME is that!
I will be recommending Regina to my entire family and all my friends.

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