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1930 Mentor Ave.
Painesville, OH 44077
(440) 266-8888

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You always make sure that we have the best possible coverage for our home and autos. We know that you are behind the scene making sure we have our insurance needs up to date. It's one less concern that I need not worry about. Thank you.

They made it easy to save money by switching to another company without a lot of paper work or problems.

Everyone there is kind and caring. Any process changes are quick and easy. Great job.

You always told us if we had an incident that required us to fall back on our insurance that we'd be covered and it happened and we were taken care of 100% by you and our insurance!

Always great to speak with Regis or his team and  it's always direct too, no prompts or waiting on hold.  Personable and exceptional customer service, feels like a good friend or family member relationship having them as our insurance agent!

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