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Was recommended by oncologist. At a really hard time in our lives he came and helped us find the right supplemental insurance . He comes to your house , gets the info and finds the best insurance for your needs. Everything was done in one visit. Was very informative. We have been recommending him to everyone who needs medicare.

Craig was extremely helpful in helping us to navigate beginning Medicare. It was much more than just a sales experience. He answered all of our questions about coverage, Part D, etc. We had no idea what a complex process this is, and his help was very much appreciated.

I have run out of pamphlets because after my friend heard about how the professor fixed me up with medicare programs that fit my needs at a price I could afford and once they compared it to theirs, they all claimed they would bring them back, but none have yet. I hope to be seeing him again before the october open enrollment to fix my wife's plans from before we met him.

Highly responsive, incredible professionalism. All the support you will ever need on helping with confusing medical choices. Ignore the deluge of junk mail. Call professor Medicare and put your mind at ease. They have you covered, keeping your best interests in mind. I fully recommendation them, and relax, they will take care of everything.

Awesome experience. Professor Medicare is highly professional and very concerned with each and every customer and client that they have. They took care of my needs totally with a very high concern over what I was interested in most. Creating an extremely positive experience. Throw away the junk mail offers. On call takes care of it all. That is one call to Professor Medicare.

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