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What Is BOP Insurance And What Does It Cover?
A Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP, includes elements of business property and liability insurance in a single policy. Here’s more on what this covers and whether BOP insurance is right for your business. What Is A Business Owner's Policy? BOP insurance protects your business from losses due to theft, fire, and other covered disasters....

How Can You Protect Commercial Data
Even if you only have one computer in your business, that’s all you need. This single device can contain thousands of important pieces of information. It can also connect your business to the rest of the world. That’s a great thing, in so many ways—until a problem occurs....

Using D&O Insurance as a Hiring Tool
It’s your business’s prerogative to attract really good talent, and that’s particularly true when looking for your upper-level management. Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, boards of directors—you probably want the best of the best within your operation....

Businesses That Might Need E & O Insurance
In every business, there is a risk that your negligence might harm others. If it does, it could cause them various types of physical, financial or personal losses. In these cases, you might have to turn to your commercial liability insurance to pay the third parties for their losses....

E&O Insurance and the Legal Costs it Covers
Your business mistakes are liabilities for other people—your clients, vendors and others. Therefore, if you cause accidents, you might have to pay for the damage. However, damage costs alone are not the only bills that might arise. Lawsuits, and their associated costs, will often beckon in case you face liability claims....

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