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Very Professional and friendly group here, very appreciative to be able to work with this team!

I deal with numerous insurance agencies and Jim Porter and Amy Seitz are FAR and AWAY the BEST, MOST RESPONSIVE, MOST HELPFUL and MOST STRESS RELIEVING agents I deal with!! They ALWAYS answer our numerous questions with patience - even if the question HAS been asked 16 times already! I don't think Amy has ever taken more than a couple of hours - at most - to respond to my many, many, many e-mail requests. If you want an insurance agent that will work with and help you, look no further than Porter-Brandenburg Agency!

Porter-Brandenburg is a GREAT company - always willing to "go that extra mile" and answer any and all of your questions. I work primarily with Amy, but all I have had contact with are willing to help if she is not available. I highly recommend Porter-Brandenburg for your insurance needs.

It is a pleasure to work with the Porter-Brandenburg Agency. They are professional and very prompt with of quotes, issue resolutions, and answers to questions. Amy Seitz was the agent I worked with and she is very helpful and knowledgeable. Because of the extremely good service and friendly agent, I have also chosen Porter-Brandenburg for my personal insurance agency as well.

As a business owner trying to traverse the maze of insurance is frustrating and difficult. Porter-Brandenburg has made my job so much easier, they completely supply all our needs for insurance and are available any time I need them. I can't thank them enough for checking rates and keeping our costs as low as possible or dealing with the notoriously difficult insurance companies on our behalf.

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