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I called for a quote she emailed me back with 30 minutes with a few quotes I met with Lilly on Saturday morning she had everything organized when I arrived no real wait time , very professional and friendly I'd highly refer anyone to Lilly

Godfrey McClendonI have been with Peachstate for 7 years. That's when I got my first truck, [Peachstate Insurance] wrote the policy for me. When I got my first car, [Peachstate Insurance] wrote the policy for me. Funny story, I used to have a drinking problem. I stopped drinking on Father’s Day of 2010. I got myself together; I was able to save money because I wasn’t drinking anymore. I bought me a truck [then] turned around and bought me a car. I got all my insurance, right here. I’ve never gone anywhere else and I’ve never had any problems or hang ups with Peachstate.

Through Peachstate, I have been with Safeway, Sante Fe, Tejas, ACCC and now I am with Amigo. I’ve NEVER had a problem. I pay [my premiums] and go and I don’t worry about it, because I know it’s being taken care of. I have referred my niece and my brother. I also referred my girlfriend’s son. I will continue to refer people. This is the first place I bring them.

I went to buford hwy location and the manager Mr. Ernesto gave me all information in spanish. Thankyou..

Jackie, Amber and Claudia are the best, they give ypu excellent customer service and are extremely helpful. A lot of people can learn from them. I love these ladies they are the best.

Great Service in Jonesboro! Tina is wonderful!

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