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I cannot give Park & Associates enough praise. Working with Joyce Blanchard is always an absolute pleasure. She answers with a cheery greeting when I call, and always gets back to me quickly when I email her. Overall, this agency is the best I’ve found in South Florida. You’d be crazy to choose any other agent for your business insurance.

Top notch Professional Company. Joanna is the nicest and most professional person I have been in contact with. She made everything easy and understandable. I would also like to give Rosi Landisi a great thank you as she was our agent in the past. Linda and I look forward to a continuing relationship with Park and Associates. Thank You

I have been a Business Client with Park and Associates for Eleven Years. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this Company. Always eager to help and always a pleasure to talk to!!! Joyce is my Representative and you can always hear her smile over the phone. Joyce is always attentive and friendly and always get's the job done!! I wouldn't use any other Company FIVE STARS for sure

Great office to work with. Timely, efficient with clear and easy to understand explanations for plans and benefits that can, at times be obtuse in the insurance world (THANK YOU Robbie!!). This is why we have stuck with them all these years.

It was time to renew my homeowners and umbrella insurances. The renewals I was offered by my old company showed a significant increase in the umbrella coverage. Since I was already associated with Park & Associates in another capacity, I requested they provide me quotes for these insurances. As a result of their involvement, I learned that my home was somewhat under insured and bringing the coverage to a more proper level only caused a small difference compared to my old policy. Additionally, the umbrella quote was almost half the premium for the same coverage as compared to my old policy. Lastly, I was able to obtain flood insurance within my homeowner's policy. Thus, I was able to save over $100. Let me also say the Joanna was a pleasure with whom to work. She is very knowledgeable and responsive. Overall switching to Park & Associates was a painless efficient process.

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