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ODI requires Insurance Companies defer premium payments
*Announcement* Ohio Department of Insurance requires Insurance Companies to defer premium payments for 60 days. Retroactively effective back on 3/9/2020 when Governor Dewine declared a State of Emergency in Ohio due to COVID-19 Pandemic, all insurance companies are required to defer premium payments for 60 days (expiring 5/9/2020)....

Covid-19 Announcement
To our valued clients and community members, Please know Nelson Insurance Agency, ARK Insurance Services, Goodwins Insurance Agency, Harrison Insurance Agency and all other Ohio Insurance & Financial Services office locations and affiliates will remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS during this unfortunate Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic....

Ways to avoid the dreaded "Porch Pirates" during the Holidays
For all the convenience that ordering online gives us, there is an unfortunate downside – our delivery may be taken by someone else before we’re able to get our hands on it. Package theft, especially around the holidays, is a growing inconvenience for many consumers....

What to know before loaning your car to others?
3 things to keep in mind before you loan your car Posted in General, Auto Have you ever loaned your car to a friend or family member when they were in need? It’s a kind gesture, but if they were to get in an accident behind the wheel of your vehicle, you may be uncertain whose insurance will cover the costs....

Great news for Ohio's Home and Auto Insurance Rates!
Data Shows Great News For Ohio’s Home And Auto Insurance Rates  10/14/2019   By Carolyn Mangas The Ohio Department of Insurance recently released data showing estimated rate changes for the top 10 homeowners and auto insurers in 2018....

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