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2114 W Apache Trail, #1-134
Apache Junction, AZ 85120
(425) 483-5758

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Danielle & Michelle are the greatest. They did a fantastic job helping me and so friendly. In my 56 years of driving this is the best insurance company I have had. Thank you so much

Hi Danielle,  Just wanted to say "Thank You" again for making this change so very easy.  Your cheery, positive attitude and demeanor was a welcome change from the unfriendliness of the Grundy representatives, and their difficult to maneuver website.  All that plus premium savings?  I'm grateful.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Thanks Danielle for the great service!

Tom Foltz of Northwest Classic Insurance is the most honest and considerate insurance agent in the world
Steve Bender
Board of Directors Chairman
Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame

Thanks for your help , your company has been one of the easiest and best I have done business with.

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Are Vehicles Kept in the Garage Covered under a Homeowners Policy? Since we specialize in Classic Car Insurance and attend many car shows, I have been told many times by Classic Car owners that their vehicle that is kept in the garage is covered by their Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. ...

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